7 Secrets to Getting a Good Tattoo

7 secrets to getting a good tattoo are:

1. PERSONALITY Check. Base your tattoo design around your personality. What are your true qualities? Your strong and positive traits?

2. AVOID “phase tattoos”. Don’t define yourself and your ink based on a potential “phase” you may be going through. Especially if you are young, no matter how into a certain velocityhousing style you may be, things chang, times change, and people change. There’s some regretful ink out there because people were young and going through a phase. Focus on the true you.

3. BIGGER Is Better. Regarding tattoo size, believe it or not more people tend to be regretful about getting too small of a tattoo, rather than going larger. This is a little known secret to getting good ink: always lean towards larger size rather than being too conservative and getting a tiny design.

4. ASK Around! If you see someone with awesome ink, it can definitely be worth it to stop and ask them who their artist is. There’s no better way to find a good artist than to see his work on someone and get a referral.

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