How Young is Too Young For a Child to Begin Piano Lessons?

Most children love to “plink” away at a piano; it makes pretty noises and makes lots of them. It also makes them feel all grown up because the piano is so big and the bench is too high for them to have their feet touch the floor. But does that mean that they are too young for beginning piano lessons? A child’s brain is likened to an empty attic; it is ready to take in whatever it is presented with. Studies have shown that children have more capabilities to learn new languages than adults do. Why? Its most likely because they have not filled their minds with useless information.

Music is a language in and of itself. And research has shown that when a child learns to play the piano, or any musical instrument, their fine motor skill along with their memory and speech is far more stimulated than if they did not learn an instrument.

As a parent, you know your child best and can gauge their abilities. Children as young as 4 can learn to play the piano, but honestly, as soon as they can sit up on their own, they can start with simple notes. I am not talking about playing Chopin’s piano concerto no. 1 in E minor, but children as young as 4 can learn to read music as a new language and then translate that language to the keys of the piano and produce music.

Learning the piano also instills discipline, determination, and a higher self-esteem in a young child’s mind. This disciple, determination, and increased self esteem then translates into their school work and sport activities. Yes, sport activities. Contrary to popular belief, kids who learn to play an instrument are more apt to take that belief in their abilities to the playing field.

When thinking about your child learning the piano, or for that matter, any instrument, you need to find the right teaching aid. There are many on line products that are geared towards younger children learning to play the piano. Read the intros and then decide which one is best suited to you and more importantly, your child, because they are not too young to learn piano.

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