When Will The Next Market Crash Happen?

If only would be paid for every prediction of the next market crash I’d be very rich. We are so used to being brainwashed that most of us don’t even notice any more to what extend this is happening 24/7.

Fact:You are not thinking for yourself, you are constantly told what to think

The permanent barrage from the financial media that only serves one objective that is to make you do something that is not to your benefit, but fills their offers in one way or other, has reached a point of beyond excess. Today you simply cannot turn on CNBC, Bloomberg or any other news channel without being brainwashed. This is not news any more.

I regularly receive emails from so called “leading market analysts” telling me of the big crash. Big crash mean that we must see a price drop of at least 15% in a short period of time.

Artificially induced fear rules the world of trading and investing

I just have one question: What happened to the big gold rally forecast by well respected analysts like Martin Armstrong for the last two years?

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