Planning for Long Term Care Costs By State

Aside from the government’s efforts, the incessant problem about long term care costs by state is gradually being resolved by the residents of each state, too.

According to the report of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance regarding its 2010 sales for long term care insurance (LTCI) policies, the insured individuals of 25 states reportedly increased. Smaller states were reported to be among these 25 that saw a dramatic increase in the population of insured residents, such as Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont.

These three states happen to be among with the highest cost of care but it appears that more than 130% of insured Alaskans saw logic in preparing their health care rather than trying to figure out how to fight the increasing LTC rates.

Alaska has never failed to always make it to the news on long term care, as it happens to have the highest cost for daily home care at $687. Hopefully, the population of Alaskans with LTCI policies will outmatch those who have none. Apart from that, this will be a good omen for the federal and state governments who have long been egging people on purchasing private insurance for their health care coverage.

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