Complaint Letter to Human Resources

Employed staff always needs to write a letter to the Human Resource Department to document any serious issue in the workplace. It not only alerts the HR Department, but also provides a record of the certain complaint. When the complaint is written in a positive way and has no grammar issues, it is likely to be responded as well. There are a few set of rules and steps to be followed for writing a complaint to the HR Department.

Problem Statement

Stating the problem briefly at the start of the letter provides it a beginning. For instance, “I am writing you to bring a serious issue to your notice of abuse in the management department.” Every company has its own manual given by the HR Department. While writing a complaint one may state, “As the HR policies, I have discussed the issue with the head of the department on several occasions, but no action has been taken so far.” Explaining that after the non-serious behavior of the head, now a formal complaint is being registered. It is now addressed to the HR Department to investigate the issue and take action on it.

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