College Ethics Courses – Let Me Make a Suggestion

Well, it were up to me I would say that Harvard and Yale law schools, along with their business college courses ought to teach ethics a little better. I see today, they are at least attempting to work on this, but I don’t see much improvement. When I look at our federal government, and many folks running our state government bodies I see lots of kids who have graduated from these places, and it appears to me that they are also running some of the biggest corporations in America, sitting on the boards, committees, and that famous revolving door with our government.

If we are to entrust these kids, who later grow up to be important people in our civilization, then we should demand better ethics. If they cannot demonstrate to us their moral character, level of integrity, or ability to lead by example in the proper way, then they should not be allowed to serve, or get rich for being one of the gang. Now then I’d like to talk to you about this for second, because I have a decent idea, one that came to me after watching a Hollywood movie the other night.

The 2012 Movie “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere is very much worth seeing and following the watching of that movie certainly ought to be an ethics discussion, and “believe you me” there is certainly a lot to talk about, as the movie was filled with ethical dilemmas – as is life I suppose.

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