The Answer To This Serious Issue Can Save A Man And Nations From Months And Years Of Hardship

“It may be too late, but would you write something about how we act and behave in December?”

Yes, it may appear to be too late but on reflection what follows can apply to any month of the year and it can certainly apply to us in the areas of ethics and morality.

In the past, we have tried to simplify December, but instead we end up with shopping, spending, credit cards, traffic jams and crazy schedules, making it a non-stop, exhausting, and expensive month.

We have barely survived it in the past, and here we are again.

Some of us race from one event to another.

Would Jesus have done all this, and spend money on stuff that people don’t need?

There seems to be so little quality, uninterrupted, unhurried time available.

Consumerism does not equal happiness and contentment, nor does it bring fulfilment, meaning, and satisfaction.

What is the answer? Can you help me? Some people really want and need real help when it comes to the crucial matters on which they find it hard to decide, and to stick to that decision. What type of advice should be given to those who ask serious and genuine questions and who do appear to want an answer?

Whatever you do, do not get into debt. The answer Paul gives in the letter to the Christians at Rome makes the position very clear and as we keep to that guidance and direction we will be saved from months or years of heartache and sadness as we try to pay off the debt. This applies to nations too as well as individuals.

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