Social Network Blogging

As social network websites are at the peak of popularity blogs are changing. Blogs are still fairly popular and they are now being incorporated into the social network world. Its websites include Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. They allow people to sign up for free, make a personal profile page and communicate with others.

People can now have their blog on these websites that also allow the posting of photos, videos, and of course text. Blogs and social network websites both give people the opportunity to voice their thoughts, opinions, personal stories, and more. Now that blogs are on social network websites, bloggers have the option of choosing who can view their blog.

A good thing about social network sites is that users can change their settings to either private or public. Private means that only approved people or “friends” can view the users, information and photos. Public means that anybody can view the profile. If someone wants their opinions to be read around the world by friends and strangers, then public is probably the right option. For people who are more concerned about privacy, safety, and not offending others, the private setting might be best.

The content of the profile or blog will be the main factor in deciding between private and public. Some social networks have a large audience and some users may not want personal information viewed by such a large number or people, especially strangers. Privacy settings can be changed at any time. So users can change their mind, or switch the settings if they decide to write their blog about a different subject matter.

Maintaining a blog on social network websites is an easy way to have everything all on one website. However, network websites are really focused on one specific subject matter like a blog website would be. Therefore, someone that is putting their blog on a social network needs to consider the audience. It is a much broader audience, mostly people of the general public. Blog websites are usually read by people who share a common interest with the blogger. Things posted on sites could be misinterpreted and cause people to be offended. Considering the blog content and the audience is important when deciding whether information should be private or public. Public posts on social network sites should be age appropriate for all ages allowed on the site. Any content that is questionable for certain audiences should probably be left private.

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