Closet Shoe Racks – They Aren’t Your Grandma’s Shoe Racks!

I’m a neat freak. I admit it.

I hate so see clutter, and I especially hate to see piles of shoes strewn about my closet!

That’s why I had to find the perfect closet shoe rack.

A few years ago, this was more difficult. I remember the metal racks that sat on the floor. My grandma had probably four or five of these racks spread around the house in different closets. You know, the kind that had the rounded loops that stood up, and shoes were hung from the toes down?

That kind of closet shoe rack gives me the creeps now. It’s just OLD.

Thank heaven for progress! Today we can take our choice from a multitude of different shoe organizers and storage.

Many people are finding that they need specialized storage in today’s world, either from a need to be organized, a lack of space, or just plain wanting to be neat. The storage and organization industry has heard us!

To choose the right closet shoe rack, you need to take into account a few factors:

1. Space. How much space are you able to devote to your shoe storage? You’ll need to determine the dimensions of the area where you want to store them.
2. Location. Where do you want your storage to be located? Do you have space on the floor underneath your clothing racks? Do you want to mount a rack on your closet door, or would you prefer to place a rack on top of shelves or on a wall? Or is a floor standing rack the best choice for you?
3. Number of Shoes. How many shoes will you be storing? If there are 10 pairs or less, then your closet shoe rack can be pretty minimal. If you’re the Imelda Marcos-type then you’ll want to be aware that your shoe storage options will be more limited, since you’ll need a shoe rack that can hold 20, 30, 40 pairs of shoes or more.

The good news is that prices for these different racks are pretty reasonable, and you can choose a rack in just about any configuration.

For example, if you have space available on your closet rod and you have 10 pairs of shoes that you’d like to store, there is a hanging canvas storage rack that will attach to your closet rod. It is only about 8 inches wide, holds 10 pair of shoes, and makes it easy to view your footwear so that you can choose the right shoes for your outfit. Perhaps you have 20 pairs of shoes. In that case you may want to consider two of these hanging closet shoe racks, since they retail for about $10 each.

An old standby is the hanging pocket shoe organizer that most of us remember Auntie June had on the back of her doors. These take up little space, organize shoes well and are cheap! They can be made of plastic or canvas. The canvas is particularly nice since it can be removed from the door and thrown in the washing machine.

One thing that you may want to consider, however, is that men’s shoes rarely fit easily in these pocket shoe holders, unless the man wears a small shoe size. Cost for the pocket racks run $10-$25 each.

Another newer closet shoe rack is the “cubbyhole” rack, usually made of wood, or made to look like wood. It can be a box with several openings to store shoes or other items. These are nice looking, but it is a good idea to take a look at them in person since many of them are made with particleboard and covered with laminate. Some reviews indicate they are not manufactured well, and since they can run more like $29-$59, it’s a good idea to look at them closely!

With today’s consumer interested in storage and organization, the industry has worked to provide many innovative options to help you find the perfect solution for your shoe storage needs.

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