The Synthetic however

There have been several recent reports and within these findings there has been one specific observation that most implant surgeons will choose to follow. It is with respect to synthetic breast implants and the texture of the silicone implant.

Most breast enlargements are performed for cosmetic reasons, the US and UK markets estimate the ratio is 80% cosmetic and 20% reconstruction after varying operational procedures; one such operation is cancer removal.

Breast implants can be made of natural body tissue or synthetic (man-made) materials. There are two popular choices of insertion; one is of a silicone bag (prosthesis) under the breast (submammary) or under the breast and chest muscle (subpectoral). This prosthesis expands the breast area to give a fuller breast (increased cup size), give a better contour, and give more cleavage.

Natural Tissue implants are for those who need reconstruction surgery, as opposed to the Synthetic Breast Implant. Natural Tissue Implants are aided by taking tissue from either the back or stomach and then moulded to suit the need. The Synthetic however is a firm silicone shell, with more and more offering the textured surface to lessen the risk of hardening, deforming and rejection.

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