Buying The Proper Athletic Shoe

Your feet have 206 bones and over 100 muscles, ligaments
and tendons, so it’s important to take care of them by
wearing the proper athletic shoes.

Choosing the right pair of sport shoes is important to
the comfort of your feet. Unfortunately we often choose
our shoes according to our fashion tastes instead of
fitting them for the activity. I’m just as guilty as
the next guy, after all I know what I like in fashion
so it’s much easier to pick out a shoe that looks instead
of finding a shoe that’s appropriate for my foot.

One common mistake I’ve made over the years is giving in
to buying the cheap shoes. BIG MISTAKE! Particularly for

For example, let’s say you want to start running and buy
a pair of cheap running shoes. First of all, cheap shoes
are not made to form to your foot or absorb the impact of running and they are certainly not made to last. After a
few miserable runs in your cheap shoes you might drop the
sport pretty fast.

Typically, a good athletic shoe will cost between $70-$90.
Anything more and you are buying style. Anything less and
you are probably getting shoes that have been on the shelf
awhile where the glue can harden and dry out and the soles
can dissipate.

Wear the shoe that fits the sport. If you’re walking, wear
a shoe designed for walking. If running, wear a runners shoe
and if weight training wear shoes that will support muscle
activity. Each shoe is designed for the strength, cushion
and stability in the areas that need it according to the
type of sport you are involved in.

Buying a properly designed shoe will certainly add to your
comfort and reduce injury as well. Shoes that have soles
that bend at the ball of the foot also offer much better support than soles that bend under the arch.

The shoe’s material should be flexible and allow your foot
to “breathe”. Shoes that have a mesh fabric are the best.
A good sport shoe should be light and able to breathe.

You should also think about injury protection when buying
your shoes. Don’t be fooled into thinking a shoe has to be heavy to offer good support. If you have calf or Achilles tendon pain then heavy canvas shoes have been known to make
the pain worse.

If you take care to buy the right shoes you’ll get so much
more out of your favorite sport by sticking with it, reducing injuring and of course, enjoying it so much more.

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