When Reserving Banquet Halls For Your Business Even

Event planning is a career for many people, so it’s easy to see that there is an art to putting on an event from start to finish. Reserving banquet halls or locations for training or a meeting is the first step in successful execution. Here are some questions to ask when securing a venue.

Budget or Expense Questions

First and foremost, a budget should be set for the event. When looking for a venue, it’s best to get at least three options. Some specific questions while fact-finding before submitting a Request for Proposal or RFP are:

– How much is charged for a ballroom or meeting space with and without catering?
– How much for any additional people who attend the meeting once the final headcount is given?
– What are the cancellation fees or fees associated with a decrease in number of attendees?
– Is there a deposit to reserve the room or rooms?
– What are the costs for audio visual setup or technical support on site? Will the materials like whiteboards, paper, pens, or other supply items be provided?

Planning is the keyword here – planning ahead of time, planning during the meeting for any changes or things like technical problems with equipment, and planning on a systematic approach to tear down once the event is complete. Most banquet halls offer assistance from their staff with tear down, especially if there is catering provided by their facility.

Logistics or On Site Support Questions

Again, if catering is offered as part of the package, most hotels or other types of spaces have staff who assist with the execution of the meetings or training. But some places offer support even if there is no food and beverage service involved. A big part of business events is logistics and getting prep work done before hand to be sure that materials, supplies or equipment are available on site once the event is held. Keep in mind these questions, to be asked of whomever is providing support both at the venue and back at the office.

– What is the final headcount, and what are the books or materials necessary to be shipped to the venue?
– How can costs be kept to a minimum for shipping? (For example, use as much lead time as possible to get items sent to the site to avoid rush or overnight shipping charges.)
– If the venue is not providing office supply materials, such as post-it pads, whiteboards, and pens, how many should be shipped to the site?
– Who supplies audio visual equipment – instructors/meeting hosts, hotels, or banquet halls? Who will be available on site to provide technical support if there or issues?
– If there is catering, how many meals are included in the package, and will there be coffee breaks or other beverages and snacks offered?


Planning a Successful Corporate Event for Your Company

Successful corporate events do not happen by accident or coincidence. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make any event memorable. Whether it is a seminar, a conference or an employee get together, you need to make sure that every component, from food to ambience and location, are planned to the last detail. To ensure that everything is carried out meticulously and effortlessly, it is advised that you outsource this responsibility to a professional corporate event planning company.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to make the occasion a success:

1. Ascertain the Theme: No matter what type of corporate event you are planning, you first need to decide the tone of the event. This will help you coordinate the venue, décor, food, music and entertainment according to the theme you pick.

2. Determine the Budget: Fix the money you want to spend on various elements of your event. Deciding the cap limit on the budget for your invitations, catering, venue booking, entertainment, etc., will ensure that you do not overspend and exceed your total budget.

3. Make Appointments: After determining the theme and the budget, next step is to start working on it. Start making appointments to look through various venues, find out the rental cost and what all will be included in the cost.

4. Finalize the Caterer: Food is an important component of any event. Taste before finalizing any caterer and ascertain whether they also provide the napkins, plates, silverware and linen. Tell them beforehand whether it will be a sit-down dinner or a buffet. Carefully plan the timings for each course and also make sure that your caterer holds a valid liquor license in case you plan to have drinks on the menu.

5. Sign Contracts: Always make sure that you get the paperwork done well in advance. Having contract papers made and then duly signing them ensures that all the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned, and all the parties are well aware of their responsibilities.

6. Send Invitations: Make sure you send invitations well in advance. Whether you are sending the invitations traditionally or by email, make sure that the invitations match the theme and suit the occasion of the event.


7 Great Ways to Make Money From Home

In the modern world, you no longer have to tolerate doing a job you hate or working for people you can’t tolerate. A lot of people have discovered new ways of making money that don’t require you to even leave your home. The following are some of the best ways to make money at home;

1. Start a blog

Blogs are a great way to share your stories, opinions, and other information with random people on the internet and if you are consistent and grow your audience, your blog can become a good source of income. If you have lots of visitors on your blog, you can make money through advertising or selling merchandise to your audience.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid from product sellers or manufacturers for directing buyers to their website or business. You can advertise the products using any means at your disposal, such as adverts on blogs, social media posts, direct messages, among others. All you need is potential buyers to click your affiliate link that directs them to the seller’s website (such as Amazon). If the buyer makes the purchase, you get a commission.

3. Starting a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular websites with billions of monthly users. There are videos of almost anything you can think of and anyone is allowed to post a video. You can become a YouTube content creator and post any videos you feel people will be interested in such as funny videos, travel videos, cooking videos, explainer videos, reaction videos, or just record yourself speaking about various topics. You get paid depending on the number of views your videos get and the number of subscribers your channel has.

4. Sell your photos

If you are skilled with cameras, you can easily turn your photos into easy cash by selling them to stock image websites such as With modern high-performance smartphones, you don’t even need to have a professional camera to take awesome pictures. If your photos are accepted, they can be downloaded by’s subscribers and you can make money for every download.

5. Take online surveys

Online surveys can be a quick way to earn some cash at home. There are plenty of reputable online survey sites that you can sign up and do regular surveys for cash.

6. Forex trading

You don’t need much to become a successful Forex trader; just a computer and internet connection is all you need to run a Forex trading empire. You can easily set up your Forex trading account and start trading as soon as you deposit funds. You can use the computer or your smartphone to access streaming charts, live price feeds, and news and trade at home 24-hours a day.


What Can You Do To Lower

President Donald Trump signed a tax-overhaul bill, delivering a major tax cut to U.S. corporations along with a package of temporary cuts for other businesses and most individuals.

The bill slashes the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent and cuts individual tax rates across the board. So if your corporation has net profit your tax percentage as a proportion to the net profit will be lower than years before. This Trump feels will make United States corporations more competitive in the global market. He has felt that because if the high percentage of taxes that the U.S. Corporations have to pay, reduces the competitive abilities of these U.S. Corporations. Trump said the bill will prompt abandoned factories to come back to life. He said Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, called him to say he’s buying a new paper plant in North Carolina because of the tax law. Of course this is just one event. This will have to play out in the months to come to see if that is the case. President Reagan preached in the 80’s the “trickle down effect” lets see if this idea works in the real world.

In this case a 21% tax rate is significantly lower than the 35% tax rate. For high earning individuals with LLC’s that are disregarded entities a switch to establishing a C Corp may, if formed correctly, lower your taxes by thousands of dollars. Also if your health insurance costs are high this tax planning strategy can help you to expense your health insurance within the corporation structure.

Overall, the bill is projected to decrease federal revenue by almost $1.5 trillion over the next decade. Trump and GOP leaders have said they expect the business tax cuts to spur enough economic growth to make up for the revenue loss. In other words, the federal government is willing to have a temporary revenue decrease in order for the economy to spur economic growth which will over compensate for the loss in tax revenue. So this income tax overhaul bill is intended for business owners to save money on their income taxes so that they can spend the savings wisely and inject capital into the economy so to add more jobs and more business profit activity. At the end of the day the businesses that maximize the income tax incentives will be the ones who gain from this new 2017 income tax legislation,


Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms With Small Children

Be that as it may, a few mothers today who take care of their kids and remain at home are thinking about a work at home employment or a locally established low maintenance business. it may, the issue that work at home mothers regularly face is that they don’t have a ton of time. Obviously, time would be an issue for all things considered, they wouldn’t be best jobs for stay at home moms on the off chance that they weren’t in a hurry so as to deal with the children and the home as a rule. Another thought is cash.

While this may be valid for work at home mothers taking part in customary locally situated organizations, for example, make making, sewing, and so forth., with the appearance of the Internet, it never again is. The Internet has opened a large number of potential outcomes for wok at home mothers – conceivable outcomes that weren’t accessible 10 years back.

The Advantages of an Online Business

Work at home mothers can take care of a significant number of their issues by setting up a locally situated business on the Internet. Online organizations can help work at home mothers win additional salary without removing your time from their children. With an online business, your timetable will at present be adaptable enough to permit you to take the kids to class and afterward gather them toward the evening. You can even keep helping them with their schoolwork!

For some work at home mothers, an online business gives you the adaptability that would some way or another not be stood to you on the off chance that you worked for a normal organization. All you need to do truly is to work a couple of hours during the day or get open doors when they emerge. For example, in case you’re the author type, you can begin composing your articles at the pool while your youngsters have their week by week swimming exercise. This is the sort of adaptability that the Internet can stand to work at home mothers like you.

The Things You Need

Likewise with all organizations, an online business needs a couple of necessities with the goal for you to get moving. The underlying necessity for this sort of business is self-assurance. It is basic that you, as a work at home mother, have the certainty that you can be fruitful paying little mind to your involvement in PCs or the Internet. Another indispensable quality that you have to have is industriousness. Each business is a hazard and there is a likelihood that you may not succeed the first run through. Along these lines, determination, combined with certainty, is an absolute necessity in the event that you need to be the best jobs for stay at home moms.


Loneliness When Working From Home

While working from home has a lot of upsides, it also has a few challenges. One is social isolation and loneliness. Here are just a few ways you can overcome that.

Go Out

Working from home is really more of a figure of speech rather than a literal description of where you are going to work (unless you are reading this during the Coronavirus outbreak!) – because actually when you’re self-employed or working at home, you can work anywhere. Why not then go and work in a café in town? This way you will at least get to chat to the staff that work there and maybe some other people sitting in. Or alternatively of course you can sit in a bar or pub, or when it’s sunny relax on the grass in the sun with a glass of juice. This way working for yourself becomes a much more desirable, and at the same time you’ll be likely to encounter more people, have more conversations and possibly even meet attractive members of the opposite sex. Of course, you also need to be open to chatting to people for this to work.

For those that can’t leave the house, working in the garden is an option. And in the front garden, you’ll be able to tip your cap to people as they walk by!

Meet Up With Others

You can also make blogging, coding, or entering data more sociable by using the opportunity to meet up with people you don’t normally see. For instance, you can meet your friends for lunch on their lunch break, or you can meet them after work if they finish early. You’ve got the time, and you can even do things like design work while you chat. And in fact, this will be a lot more sociable than most people are in the office anyway. Apart from anything else you’ll be chatting to people who are actually your real friends rather than just colleagues.

If this isn’t an option? Then you can always call them over lunch instead!


Networking and interacting with others in your industry is very good for your career and a great way to promote your business and make contacts. At the same time, it can make your business less unsociable, so try attending networking events, working face to face with designers and marketers, and responding to your fan mail rather than locking yourself away. It’s good for your site, and it’s even better for your mental health.

Leon Edward Helps people to start


Beware of the Pitfalls of Working From Home

Working from home can seem like a perfect scenario for both employers, employees and sole traders. After all, it minimises overheads, reduces the need for office premises and allows for greater flexibility, with opportunities to work when busy and do other things when not.

But there are a few potential pitfalls it’s important to be aware of when working from home.

– In this post-COVID-19 world some staff may be apprehensive at the prospect of returning to work, are concerned at using public transport or may not have enough actual work to sustain them in a return to full-time employment. Home working can accommodate them being available as needed, be able to work their hours to suit and then gradually regain their confidence after possibly weeks away.

– Sole-traders may have had to cut back on their overheads, let go of support staff and may be trying to recover some of the ground lost during lockdown. They may have to effectively start all over again, building their businesses from scratch. Working from home is the first step on the road to recovery, with many important support services able to be engaged virtually, as and when required.

– Some logistical considerations need to be investigated, at least at the outset. Is creating a designated work station viable? Trying to work on the kitchen table or in an area that’s busy, noisy or has several demands made on its usage does not contribute to a productive work environment. Neither is sharing kit with children and their homework requirements. Assess the availability of space, software requirements, internet capacity, data security and any additional training requirements. Will some staff need PPE or other safety equipment?

– Meetings, networking and team building are often a key component in a business’s success. Good relationships oil the wheels of commerce. Those with a reputation for being fair and treating their staff and customers well invariably do better. Check to see where there’s a convenient hot-desking space, hotel or venue that would be suitable for necessary briefings and meetings. Online offers important business connectivity, but in-person is crucial too.

– Working from home offers the option to work one’s own hours, to fit in around children and their school times and assorted demands, to be able to schedule personal appointments or deal with domestic matters more comfortably. But these non-work items can become an increasing distraction, where you find yourself all too frequently going to the gym, meeting friends for coffee, or doing chores rather than actual work.

– Set yourself clear times for starting work where, even if you’re not especially busy, you check-in both mentally and physically, do some emails, social media updates, make phone calls, network and engage in conversations with colleagues, problem-solving and building relationships.


The History of It All

Perhaps it’s a reflection of my age. Well… I know it is. But it’s obvious to me that history doesn’t seem to be having an effect on Generation “why/who cares” as it did on previous eras of earthly occupants. It’s very disconcerting when I speak to fellow Canadians who’ve never heard of the FLQ and how they caused the federal government to enforce the War Measures Act in 1970. Or to Americans of the similar generation who have no idea who G. Gordon Liddy is and what he and his cronies were caught doing just a few years later.

I’m not going to turn this into a political rant but am using the aforementioned examples as a segue into the regular subject matter of this forum: music & pop culture. I find it stunning that mentioning certain names from just a generation ago, names that were dominant in rock’n’roll music, draws looks of an authentic reaction of “Who?” while maintaining eye contact from those I question. It’s jaw dropping to realize that no one under 40 has a copy of “Frampton Comes Alive.” A lot of time has gone by very quickly. And music has developed in new, innovative ways. But don’t sell yourselves short by denying the opportunity to a) discover what preceded your initial interest in music and b) expose these musicians and enjoy the talent they possess. Appreciate the time and place of where they were and what was going on around them that provided these songwriters with ideas and the musicians who helped interpret them.

The Beatles are as good a start as anywhere. True that Presley and Chuck Berry gave them the want to do what they did but The Beatles broke down barriers that most people didn’t know existed. The Stones were more despicable than what we remember Guns’n’Roses were at their prime and what they wrote and played caused parents to want to hire assassins and have taken out. OK. I’m exaggerating but I’m just making a point. Artistic license, let’s go with that! The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 exposed Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, The Who and Jimi Hendrix, amongst others, to the masses who didn’t belong to a cult following. Have you listened to Otis Redding sing? If Redding hadn’t died 5 months later many people “in the know” believe he would have surpassed James Brown. Google him if you have to. And Woodstock 2 years later drove the nail through the board. Alvin Lee blazing through “I’m Goin’ Home,” with Ten Years After, was the first Randy Rhodes or Kirk Hammitt. (Please use only as a point of reference). I remember in high school my friends and I didn’t acknowledge the existence of anyone who didn’t listen to Hendrix.

Hearing bands like Humble Pie. Steve Marriott and company epitomized “hit the road and tear it up.” Joe Perry has spoken about getting charged after cranking up Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” just before he went to school in the morning. We knew every note of the full length version of “In A Gadda Da Vida.” OK. That was a bit much. But it drove my father insane, to which now I have an appreciation for how he felt whenever I get “boom boxed.” You know what I mean. Zeppelin dominated everywhere. I loved Grand Funk Railroad, the most dated sounding band from back then. And if you were born after 1960 you have no idea the shock and parental havoc David Bowie had on the world when he fronted “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” I’ve had several occasions to spend time with Spider’s bassist Trevor Bolder in the past and he’s told stories of having the Ku Klux Klan show up at their second U.S. gig. I’d love to talk to the booking agent who decided Memphis, Tennessee would be a good place to play.


Men’s Jewelry: How to Pick Out the Perfect Piece for Your Man

Picking out jewelry for yourself is tough enough with all the choices that are available. But picking out a piece for the man in your life can be even tougher unless you ask yourself a few simple questions. What jewelry does he wear now? What does he do for a living? Does his lifestyle lend itself to wearing something more than a wristwatch? Does he enjoy sports, the symphony, or fishing? Does he have a flashy personality or is subtlety more his style?

Most men wear wristwatches, so start with his wrist when considering jewelry for him. If he has a flashy personality, he might like the Invicta Reserve Men’s or Midsize Excursion Swiss Chronograph Bracelet Watch. This watch comes in a gold-tone or gunmetal finish that will catch the eye of everyone around him, which is exactly the way he likes it.

The dial is round and covered in mother-of-pearl with luminous Arabic numerals at the main hour positions. Diamond accent stick index markers point to the remaining hours with twenty-four diamonds on the men’s size. Sub dials for seconds, minutes, and 1/10 seconds adorn the center of the dial face and are powered by a Swiss Ronda 5040.E Quartz Chronograph, as are the skeletonized hour and minute hands. Pyramid-style center links make this great watch really stand out. He’ll stand out, too, when he wears this timepiece.

A guy with a more subtle personality will still want a timepiece that is stylish and fun. So take a look at the Stuhrling Original Men’s Manchester Ozzie II Automatic Leather Strap Watch. The stainless steel case of this watch comes in black or silver-tone, and it features an exhibition back.

He’ll spend a lot of time watching the automatic movement of this watch whether he’s waiting for you or not. The square dial comes in black or blue and is protected by a Krysterna crystal. A seconds sub dial sits at the 9:00 hour, but all the others feature Arabic numerals in a range of colors. There’s even a date window sitting next to the 3:00 hour. The strap is black leather with a buckle clasp. The stitching on the strap complements or matches the case color. This is a stunning watch for everyday or special occasion use.

Encourage him to reveal the pride he feels for his favorite football team by giving him the Stainless Steel & Rubber 8.5 inch Men’s NFL Football Link Bracelet. Officially licensed by the National Football League, this bracelet is made of stainless steel with black neoprene rubber links. Choose his team logo for the center of the bracelet, which is polished stainless steel. He’ll want to wear this wonderful bracelet beyond football season, and he’ll proudly tell his buddies that you bought it for him.

If he likes to wear rings but doesn’t like anything fancy around his fingers, take a look at the Men’s Stainless Steel Brilliante Cable Ring. This is truly a manly piece of jewelry that also showcases his sophisticated style. It’s made of polished stainless steel with a distinctive cable design running around it. A single Brilliante stone is set in a bezel at the center of the ring, its weight is about 0.05 carats. This ring will tell him that you think he’s a tough guy with a soft side.

Sterling silver, gold, onyx, and diamonds come together in a traditional style that will prove to him that you know him better than anyone else. The Sterling Silver/18K Gold Plated Men’s Onyx & Diamond Accent Ring looks classy and rich without being too flamboyant. With gold plating over sterling silver and a large black onyx flanked by diamonds, this is one bold ring. Each diamond is round, single-cut, and prong-set. Handsome barely describes this manly ring that he’ll wear proudly every day.

Money clips give a man a sense of his own worth, and the Stainless Steel NFL™ Football Money Clip will also show off his team pride every time he takes it out of his pocket. This strong money clip is made of brushed stainless steel, and you can have his favorite team logo and name stamped onto the front of it. It’s licensed by the NFL, which will make it extra special to him.

Every man needs at least one pair of cufflinks for those occasions when he needs to dress up a bit. And what says style better than Wedgwood? The Wedgwood Prancing Horse or Rampant Lion Cuff Links are a handsome choice, each designed to reflect his personality. Choose the prancing horse on the flat blue Saxon background of a round cufflink. The horse is in silver-tone to shimmer subtly. Or select the rampant lion on a flat black background of a square cufflink. The lion comes in gold-tone. Both images are carved in sunken relief into their backgrounds, and he’ll enjoy wearing either pair as long as you are also on his arm.


Web, Mobile or Software Development – Choosing Right Career

The innovation business is apparently the quickest developing vocation decision in most creating countries. Every year organizations discharge another telephone, programming, or other device. Designers are the specialist who enable us to remain up and coming and fix those bothersome bugs our telephone continues revealing.

Be that as it may, understudies regularly have a troublesome time picking between webs, portable, or programming advancement profession ways. Each of the three offer high salary remunerates and are becoming quicker than most vocation ways. We’ve gathered information about advantages, future viewpoint, and employment desires to enable understudies to pick the way most appropriate for their interests and capacities.

Web advancement is an umbrella term for specialists who make website pages and applications. These experts are in charge of making the Internet easy to use. They gather and make web content, design site format and route, code the real site pages, and test/overhaul locales for ideal execution. Understudies ought to have propelled familiarity with programming dialects, for example, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, PHP, Microsoft.Net Visual Basic, and Java.

Web engineers sub specialize by winning affirmations in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM, and Oracle. Organizations contract or contract web engineers to improve online substance for look programs (SEO), guarantee content is good for numerous programs, and make easy to use formats.

Web Development Outlook
Web engineers can expect a high development potential in this industry.

Specialists concur that versatile engineers have the best work openings. Web and programming clients depend on their cell phones for all correspondence, excitement, instruction, and Internet assets. Figuring out how to create versatile applications and advance online substance for cell phones is an incredible profession device to have.

Versatile engineers are a subspecialty of framework programming improvement. They fabricate portable working frameworks, application bundles, and friends particular devices. Designers always refresh these frameworks to work easily with other outsider applications, working frameworks, and centre frameworks. Adaptability and research is the foundation of this industry.