7 Reasons Why Your Association Needs a Mobile App

Your association strives to bring great value to its members-news and information resources, community management, social networking, opinion research, fundraising, public relations, and so much more. But, if your association is like most, it is delivering its value via email and website at best. While businesses and government organizations are increasingly turning to the power and convenience of mobile technology, only about five percent of associations now offer their members a mobile application.

That seriously needs to change. Mobile technology has grown rapidly and nearly everyone now uses a smartphone to access information. Nothing can connect members to associations more personally or more conveniently than a well-designed smartphone application.

If you are not offering your association members an app, here are seven reasons why you should:

1. Provide Ultra-fast, Easy Access with Mobile App
Mobile applications will enable your members to access news, information, documents, and other resources anytime and anywhere. An app not only increases your accessibility to members, your app can beautifully streamline that access, making information and resources instantaneously available, without cumbersome downloads or web navigation. Even when we are home, we often use our smartphones to stay connected to the people and organizations important to us. Many people don’t want to have to sit in front of a desktop computer to connect. They want to do it quickly and easily in the palm of their hand.

With an app, your association can make it convenient for members to access information while travelling on public transportation, taking a lunch break, or any other time when they can’t access a desktop. Mobility will bring easier access, and easier access brings increased member satisfaction. Increased member satisfaction will ultimately lead to more members for your association.

2. Make Payment of Dues and Donations Easier with a Mobile App
As you know, timing is critically important when it comes to donations and membership purchases. Whenever a member is ready to donate or buy a membership, your app will be handily there, to accept it quickly, easily and securely. Providing a donation button in your smartphone app can help you exponentially grow your fundraising, memberships and sponsorships. We cannot overemphasize the importance of payment convenience. This, alone, is well worth the cost of an app. Using apps, associations can also leverage Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it fast and easy for even small associations to start accepting online payments.

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