You Ma Be Breached

Staying up in an online world 24-7 and dealing up with the public and personal information stands the life core of almost all of us. We are submerged in the online platform at such a pace that our personal and professional life has got enough space to the hard disk of our laptops and PCs. Though all the information is protected by the computer devices or the websites protection portals but is this security enough to protect our privacy from those extremely professional hackers who take only 5 min to breach the national security?
Well, this makes up the case when we know that our personal information is being leaked out. But what when we even do not know even that our security has been unauthorisedly accessed by someone and is being used against us?’ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’ we all are well known with this idiom but practicing it in the real life does not stand the wake.we need to understand and emphasize the thought that our personal information is very important and an unauthorized access of it is not only desirable but is extremely harmful and can cause shaking loss.
1) CHANGE THE PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY: as soon as you get to know that your security is being compromised or has been compromised the first step is to change the login credentials so that you can protect the remaining data from further being misused.
2) CHECK WHAT IS STOLEN: once you know that something has been taken try to access that what is it? Was is least sensitive or more sensitive information.If the data was related to a particular website. Register the complaints as soon as possible.
3) PROCRASTINATE: prevention of a breach is more important than dealing with a breach. If you secure your devices with a strong professional help than such breach may never occur.

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