Why Are Pictures Important When Marketing A Home?

It can be argued that pictures are more important to the home selling process than ever before because of one simple reason: the internet. The internet has revolutionized the way that houses are being marketed because now prospective home buyers can receive instant information and do comparisons with the click of the mouse. Most home buyers will use the internet as their first resource or use web pages to revisit houses that they are considering after speaking with a real estate agent. Therefore, what sells a house at the onset are good pictures. Pictures are one of the few parts of a web page where you can really showcase your home enabling you to make the details of the house come to life.

How the Photos should be Taken

You do not need to a hire a professional architectural photographer, but you do need a good quality camera. Taking pictures that have a high pixel count will allow prospective buyers to zoom into your photographs to look at specific details and give your rooms a sharper, focused feel. The least thing you want to do is upload pictures that are blurry.

Natural lighting makes for the best pictures so make sure that it is a sunny day when you take the pictures you are going to post online. If you take your pictures on an overcast day you are going to make your house look cold and uninviting. The best time for taking pictures is when it is coming up to the afternoon because the setting sun will give you the largest amount of warm lighting for your pictures.

After you have all of the pictures make sure you edit them so you are only showing your house and nothing else. Pictures with things other than your house are not a good idea and should be avoiding at all cost.

What Pictures Should Be Taken

A good shot of the front of the house that shows the entire house is a great picture to start with because this will probably be the main picture that is shown on most listing sites. You also want to make sure that you have a picture of the rooms and the yard as well. It would also be a good idea to do more than one shot of each room so the people have an idea of the size of each room.

If you are living in a town house or housing association you would also want to take some pictures of the amenities that are offered. If the community has a pool or neighborhood park it would be a good idea to take pictures of it because that will help bring those things to the forefront of people’s minds.

Be sure that your home is photo ready before taking any photographs. Photos are supposed to enhance the home buyer’s idea of your home and convince buyers that your house is worth seeing in person. Your house needs to be neat and clean, free of clutter, with a contemporary feel in order to attract the largest number of buyers. Staging should be one of your steps in selling a house, and make sure you have staged your home properly before shooting any photographs. Your first impression to the world about your house will be in the form of these pictures, so do everything you can in order to show your home in the best light possible, literally and figuratively.

To Summarize

Photographs are the way that prospective home buyers can experience your house through the 2D screen of technology. And often, a buyer’s decision to look at specific home comes from reading the details and scrolling through each picture. The best way to sell a house is to start by showing off your home online through good photographs.

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